This is something special ... for when you have something so important to write that a disposable pen and plain paper just won't do, for when you wish to commit to eternity a writing of SUCH importance, that only this beautiful set will suffice.

This is a purple quill dipping pen, with silver pen stand, 5 interchangeable nibs and 30 ml of Dragons Blood ink.

Dragon’s Blood ink is one of those magickal ingredients whose name sounds straight out of a fantasy novel. Needless to say, it doesn’t contain the blood of real dragons. Rather, the name refers to a red-tinted ceremonial ink formulated with resins, herbs, and fragrances.

Dragon’s Blood ink owes its name to a bright red-colored resin that is obtained from various plant species. In ancient times, the crushed resin was used as a pigment in both the West and the East. (It was also prescribed medicinally, especially for bleeding disorders.) In the medieval era, Dragon’s Blood found its way into the disciplines of ritual magick and alchemy.

Dragon’s Blood resin has the property of enhancing most any magickal working, and Dragon’s Blood ink is similarly versatile. Prepare a sheet a paper (preferably parchment) and write out your command, desire, or oath. Dragon’s Blood is a really an all-purpose tool, but is most traditionally employed for spells of protection, luck, courage, and power.

Come in to the Emporium of the Enchanted Forest, and obtain your own very very special set.

The Quill